Hello Everybody I want to thank yall first for everything it was fun working with you guys. Everybody did an amazing job. The link below will take you to all the pictures that were taken day of the shoot. Choose the ones that you would like to enter in the contest so I can get started ASAP on everything. When you click the link the photos will have a file name toni&guy with a number (example "toni&guy-45") give me the number on the file name so I can know which photos you are wanting. Once you have chosen the numbers/pics you want to submit turn them into Skye, Rachel, or Greg to send to me through text. From there I will begin the editing process. Note that Textures, shadows,color and stray hairs will all be apart of the process. Skin will be retouched as well with skin tones and any lighting to best bring out the picture. Once I have done my part i will send photos back to be previewed once more so if yall see any changes that need to be made i can do so and have the pictures submitted in a timely manner. When you haven chosen the pics please get with Skye or Greg so all numbers can be turned in to me. TO VIEW IMAGES CLICK HERE