XO Like the Drug

I recently had the opportunity to work with up and coming rapper Dj XO a Local Houstonian with the smash hit on the radio Pulled off the Lot. XO just recently released his mixtape Young Legend and is about to hit the road to go on tour. I was lucky enough to catch up with him and pull this photoshoot off. We met at Tout Suite a coffee shop on the outskirts of Downtown Houston were a lot of creatives go to work, meet, or just go to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. From Tout Suite we walked around the area where I had seen a lot of abandoned buildings that I wanted to incorporate in our shoot. XO quickly got comfortable in front of the camera, he made it easy for me to capture details in his jewelry and other pieces of clothing such has his signature bandanas he wears at his shows. Take a look at the images I was able to capture below.