Tory Lanez: I Told You Tour

If you have never been to a Tory Lanez concert, don't expect the young artist to just be singing songs like his smash hit "Say it" all night. This is my fifth time photographing a Tory Lanez concert and each time, sold out show or not, he has always came out full of energy. Be prepared for a high energetic, crowd controlling MC to put on a show like its his last. Easily one of the top performers in the game right now. Tory has a mixture of songs for everybody to enjoy. He will literally stand on the crowd, climb the walls, and make sure every fan gets their moneys worth. Its been an honor to photograph and see this young MC grow. Take a look at a few pics from my recent concert with him.

XO Like the Drug

I recently had the opportunity to work with up and coming rapper Dj XO a Local Houstonian with the smash hit on the radio Pulled off the Lot. XO just recently released his mixtape Young Legend and is about to hit the road to go on tour. I was lucky enough to catch up with him and pull this photoshoot off. We met at Tout Suite a coffee shop on the outskirts of Downtown Houston were a lot of creatives go to work, meet, or just go to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. From Tout Suite we walked around the area where I had seen a lot of abandoned buildings that I wanted to incorporate in our shoot. XO quickly got comfortable in front of the camera, he made it easy for me to capture details in his jewelry and other pieces of clothing such has his signature bandanas he wears at his shows. Take a look at the images I was able to capture below.

Travis White The Black Labrador Shoot

    After rescheduling due to houstons unpredictable weather *eyes roll*. Me and blogger fellow Travis White were finally able shoot at a place in the Montrose called The Black Labrador. Travis also a blogger and a very well up kept gentlemen came dressed to impress in his first outfit for our shoot.  Unfortunately with Houston's scorching heat things did heat up pretty quick for Travis in his outfit.  But looking sharp in Houston's summer heat does come at a sweaty cost. Despite the heat and humidity we were able pull out some really clean images check them out! Big thanks to Fred Agho for second shooting and getting dope images as well

Shoes: Taft

Tie: Sprezza Box

Shirt: Batch Shirts

Aaron 's Montrose/Downtown Photoshoot

    Actor/model Aaron will easily succeed with his confidence and natural ability in front of the camera. Only 19, an "old soul" with the love of old school hophop, R&B, mixed with some David Bowie. Aaron is a fresh young face living in Missouri City. He was exactly what I was looking for to further my fashion, portrait, and lifestyle portfolio. We started in the Montrose area off Westheimer in small antique shop called Montrose Shoppe very nice place. It's simplicity was exactly what I was looking for with its white walls and it's contemporary furniture. From there we continued down Westheimer where we got a few more shots in a small ally. Our shoot then moved into the outskirts of downtown where Aaron's sense of fashion really blended well with the area. Towards the end we explored more of downtown and ended up at Frank's Pizza and made our way throughout downtown where we were able to incorporate more street style to our shoot. Aaron's confidence in front of the camera really helped make this shoot fun and easy check the images out!